“I am Grandmaster Mikhail Antipov, founder of the North American Chess School. Our mission is to create a love for chess and make it accessible to everyone, no matter of their age or skill level. Chess helps our students improve their cognitive skills and learn how to win. “

"In today's rapidly evolving world, even the timeless game of chess has undergone significant transformation. At our core, we believe that a foundational understanding of the game, rooted in its rich classical legacy and enduring principles, is essential for players of all levels, especially beginners. Our educational philosophy is to offer comprehensive chess training that combines the classical chess legacy with the advanced capabilities of modern software and training resources. This fusion is designed to cultivate not just a deep appreciation for the game's heritage but also the skills necessary to excel in today's competitive chess environment. Join us to embark on a journey that honors chess's classical traditions while embracing the innovations that define its future."