Why is chess beneficial? Story from our founder.

   Hello everyone! My name is Mikhail. I started playing chess at the age of 5, in the beginning, it was a fun hobby where I had a great time, met other kids, and made friends. I really enjoyed playing tournaments, traveling, and of course winning. Soon my hobby turned into something big and interesting for chess turned into a lifelong love.

Chess has helped me in my life in different, sometimes even unexpected spheres. First of all, chess helped me to perform well in school, I gor good grades (generally A, and I received a Diploma with Honors at the end of school). I spent much less time for studying process because I remembered information much more quicker thanks to chess, sometimes I could learn material (for two weeks) in just one day! I even saved a year by finishing two grades in one year. Being a professional chess player gave me an opportunity to travel a lor for chess competitions — by the age of 25 l visited and discovered the beauty of more than 35 foreign countries!

In 2020 1 received a full scholarship from a University of Missouri as a member of a University of Missouri Chess Team, Graduated in 2023 as a Bachelor of Science in Economics and pursuing Master of Science in Finance right now.

Currently ranked #205 in the world.

Chess is like a gym for the brain. It improves memory, helps kids focus better and sharpens their problem-solving skills.

Chess requires concentration, and this skill of staying focused can help kids in all sorts of activities and tasks.

Chess promotes emotional control. Chess teaches kids to win and lose gracefully. They learn to react calmly under pressure and not take losses personally.

According to lots of research, chess improves academic achievement and cognitive outcomes

Chess promotes motivation